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Mosstowie 1970 12 Year-Old Brown Label

Glass - 35.5ml€42.00

A soft and delicate single malt that was made using 'Lomond Stills' at Miltonduff distillery. The stills were decomissioned in 1981. Quite sweet and spicy with citrus and orchard fruit flavours.

Murray McDavid 1992 Cooley Single Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€18.00

The unique aspect of this independently bottled Cooley malt is that it was matured for a period on the island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland. Islay is famous for its robust, peaty whisky, and this, albeit an Irish, is very much in that tradition. It was put in the bottle by legendary distiller Jim McEwan when he was at the Bruichladdich Distillery. Also involved was the man behind the new Waterford Distillery, Mark Reynier.

Murray McDavid 1999 Cooley Single Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€17.00

Another double-distilled Cooley malt from the Murray McDavid/Bruichladdich people. This is a vatting of 10-year-old whiskey from bourbon casks, highlighting the classic peated Cooley distillate. One of the people behind the bottlers is Mark Reynier, who is now distilling his own Irish whiskey in Waterford.

Murray McDavid Cooley Bloodtub Valinch

Glass - 35.5ml€42.00

This dark whiskey was produced for the Islay Festival by Murray McDavid, who have strong links with the Scottish island's Bruichladdich Distillery. A bloodtub is a small cask, of about 30 litres, that gives the maturing spirit plenty of contact with the wood, and often a very deep colour and rich, spicy flavours. The single malt from Cooley was distilled in 1993 and bottled in 2005 at 58.5% abv. The valinch is the instrument used to take samples from the cask. When you see it in the title of a whiskey, it usually means it's drawn from the cask by a visitor to the distillery. Well worth trying.

Nectar of the Daily Drams 14 Year-Old Single Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

A whiskey from Belgian bottler Nectar of the Daily Drams, who have released some great Irish whiskeys over the years. This 14-year-old, distilled in 2000, has been influenced mostly by the bourbon wood, with warm vanilla and honey.

Nectar of the Daily Drams 27 Year-Old Single Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€50.00

Mostly sold out before it even reached the shops, this whiskey from an undisclosed Irish distillery (Bushmills...) was doube distilled and peated, spending 27 years in the cask. Oodles of exotic fruits, marshmallow, aniseed, spice, dark chocolate...

Nikka All Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€6.50

Super-smooth and very soft, this is a unique blend of Yoichi malt and Coffey still malt from Nikka. Silky, malt flavours with some touches of banana, vanilla and cream.

Nikka Blended Whisky

Glass - 35.5ml€6.50

Delicious tropical fruit characters of orange oil, pineapple and mango with some delicate floral touches. A very smooth and soft whisky.

Nikka Coffey Grain

Glass - 35.5ml€9.95

Lovely and soft with delicate tropical fruits such as melon, grapefruit and pineapple. Creamy textured with some touches of vanilla, cream and honey towards the finish.

Nikka Coffey Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€9.95

A very unusual whisky, the only one we have encountered where malt has been distilled via a coffey still (column still). This is light and soft with some delicate smoke, tropcial fruits, honey and bourbon-like vanilla.

Nikka Pure Malt Black

Glass - 35.5ml€9.95

Nikka does it again with this superb blend of malt whiskies from Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. This has silky, mouth-filling flavours of dried fruits, tropical fruits, toffee and subtle peat smoke.

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel

Glass - 35.5ml€6.95

A great little package, this is in the spicy and fruity spectrum with juicy, ripe fruit flavours, some exotic spice, aromatic wood notes and some nice sweetness.

Oban 14 Year-Old

Glass - 35.5ml€9.25

A coastal Highlander with a wonderful mix of salty sea spray, lemon citrus, malty complexity and medium peat smoke.

Octomore 5 Year-Old Scottish Barley 7.1

Glass - 35.5ml€16.00

So, so smoky that initially it is hard to taste anything else. A second sip, however, reveals delicious malt and citrus flavours before the smoke returns.

Old Comber 30 Year-Old Irish Whiskey

Glass - 35.5ml€60.00

A rare old single pot still whiskey from the long since closed Comber Distillery in Co Down. Bottled in the 1980s and a rare chance to try an old pot still not distilled at Midleton.

Old Grand Dad

Glass - 35.5ml€5.50

A famous old traditional style of Bourbon. Great on the rocks or with a mixer. This is made by Jim Beam but is one of their lesser known brands.

Old Irish Gold Irish Whiskey

Glass - 35.5ml€38.00

This is an unsual Irish whiskey which was bottled in Germany. There are 15-year-old and 24-year-old versions. The casks used for this were actually sourced in Scotland having been exported some long time before. This was bottled some time in the early 1970s and could in theory contain whiskey from the old DWD distillery in Dublin.

Old Kilkenny Finest Irish Whiskey

Glass - 35.5ml€11.00

Another brand that bit the dust when Beam bought the Cooley Distillery. This was produced for Marks and Spencers and was very highly thought of when available. It's an unpeated malt, fruity and moreish.

Old Pulteney 21 Year-Old

Glass - 35.5ml€18.50

One of the best Highland malts available, awarded best in the world by Jim Murray in hios 2012 Whisky Bible. Packed with juicy, dried fruits, malty and sublte smoke flavours.


Glass - 35.5ml€4.45

Light and soft with flavours of honey, citrus, apples and vanilla oak. An unpretentious whiskey that mixes very well.