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Cill Airne Cask 006

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

One of our first Cill Airne Single Casks, that was finished in an Oloroso Sherry cask. Distilled in March 2001 and bottled in May 2016. Layers of dried fruits, cinnamon and marzipan on the palate.

Cill Airne Cask 007

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

Matured in an ex-Bourbon cask and then finished in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask. Distilled in March 2001 and bottled in May 2016. Sticky toffee, treacle, raisins and sultana flavours, very chewy on the finish.

Cill Airne Cask 008

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

Flavours of exotic spices, marzipan, stewed apples and toasted oak on the palate. This Cill Airne single cask was matured in an ex-Bourbon cask and then finished in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask. Distilled in March 2001 and bottled in May 2016.

Cill Airne Cask 009

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

One of the second releases of the Cill Airne single cask range which change on a regular basis and are limited to approximately 70 bottles. Finished in an Oloroso Sherry cask, this whiskey is sweet and fruity. Touches of sappy oak, dried fruits and dark chocolate.

Cill Airne Cask 010

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

Distilled in March 2001 and bottled in August 2017. Sweet dates, chocolate fondant and fresh fig notes. Toasted oak and warm cigar spices.

Cill Airne Cask 012

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

Distilled in January 2008 and bottled in August 2018. This whiskey was finished in Pedro Ximenez, resulting in flavours of sweet prunes, raisins, clove oil and ginger spices.

Clonmel 8 Year Old Peated

Glass - 35.5ml€15.50

Bottled by the 'Celtic Whisky Compagnie' in France. A double distilled peated malt from the Cooley distillery. Winner of Gold medal in the 2002 'Concours Mondial De Bruxelles'.

Clonmel Irish Whiskey

Glass - 35.5ml€13.50

A Cooley single malt bottled by French firm Celtic Whisky Compagnie. A nice honeyed malt.

Clontarf 10 Year Old Single Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€7.85

Rich and distinguished maltiness, full and smooth, complex flavours of vanilla/toasted wood and honey; fruity, spicy, floral, a slight interesting dry grassiness.

Clynelish 14 Year-Old

Glass - 35.5ml€8.50

Flavours of mandarine, orange, oak, vanilla and smoke. A much loved Highland single malt with some salty coastal character.

Coleraine 1969 34 Year-Old Irish Whiskey

Glass - 35.5ml€250.00

A very rare release from a now demolished distillery, limited to a mere 396 bottles this cask strength whiskey was distilled on the 19th March 1959 and bottled on the 7th of June 1993.

Concannon Irish Whiskey

Glass - 35.5ml€8.50

A refined blend of Malt and Grain whiskeys which have been aged for a minimum of 4 years in ex bourbon barrells and petite merlot wine casks from the Concannon Winery from Livermore, California.

Connemara 13 Year-Old Sherry Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

A great combination of peaty, smoky Irish whiskey with some rich, sherry cask notes. Very full-flavoured for a 13 year old whiskey.

Connemara 13 Year-Old Single Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€15.50

Distilled in 1992 and bottled in 2005 at 46% abv for the Celtic Whiskey Shop. A great bourbon cask single malt, showing off the peaty, fruity Cooley malt in its full glory.

Connemara 14 Year-Old Single Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€16.50

A great, smokey single malt drawn from a single cask. Connemara is distilled at Cooley distillery and is currently the only Irish whiskey brand made from peated barley malt.

Connemara 15 Year-Old Single Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€16.85

One of a number of great single cask bottlings of Connemara that we have sourced. These are well worth trying if you enjoy Scotland's Islay single malts.

Connemara 16 Year-Old The Nectar Bottling

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

Full and slightly greasy continuation of the nose, now with notes of peach and banana. Wonderful balance between the smoky peat and sweet fruit. The finish is long and sweet subdued

Connemara 17 Year-Old Sherry Finish Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€23.00

Casks of first fill bourbon matured Connemara (Cooley's peated single malt) were finished in an oloroso sherry cask, taking it up to 17 years. The extra aging in the sherry cask gives some lovely flavours of rich fruit cake and hazelnut.

Connemara 18 Year-Old Single Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€23.00

Cooley released a few of their peated single casks, mostly distilled in 1992, over the years, and this is one of the oldest to be bottled. This single malt spent its entire life maturing an a bourbon cask, so it's interesting to try it alongside the 18-year-old Amontillado cask Connemara, which was also exclusive to the Celtic Whiskey Shop in Dublin. The Connemaras are great at any age, with the more mature ones like this showing extra complexity and developing a little more slowly. A lovely peaty vanilla finish, it's one to spend a little time with.

Connemara 8 Year-Old Whiskey for Limburg

Glass - 35.5ml€15.00

Intensely smoky with lots of medicinal characteristics. Peppery with citrus fruits. Nice length.