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Teeling Single Cask Sherry Finish 10820

Glass - 35.5ml€9.95

A 14 Year Old single malt from Teeling that has been finished in Sherry casks. Thick and mouth-filling with a mix of dark chocolate, charred oak and burnt sugar on the palate.

Teeling Single Pot Still Batch 1

Glass - 35.5ml€8.95

The first Dublin distilled Single Pot Still to come out of the city in nearly 50 years. Notes of roasted peaches, baked biscuits & maple syrup.

Teeling Single Pot Still Batch 2

Glass - 35.5ml€7.95

The second release of the Teeling Single Pot Still (Batch 2). A highly anticipated whiskey that has been matured in a combination of virgin oak, ex-wine and ex-bourbon barrels.

Teeling Single Pot Still Muscat Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€100.00

The Teeling Single Pot Still Muscat Cask is a momentual release as it is the first Single Pot Still to come out of Dublin for 50 years. Only 100 bottles were released and put up for auction on Whiskey Auctioneer.

Teeling Vintage Reserve 24 Year Old Cask 8385

Glass - 35.5ml€25.95

Matured in an ex-Port cask, this single malt is fruity, with some syrup and custard cream notes. A little spicy on the finish.

Teeling Vintage Reserve Single Malt 23 Year Old Cask No. 6879

Glass - 35.5ml€30.00

A single cask limited edition silver bottling of the Teeling Vintage Reserve 23 Year Old exclusively bottled for the Irish Market for O'Briens Wines.

Templeton Rye Signature Reserve 4 Year Old

Glass - 35.5ml€6.95

Rich butterscotch, toffee, toasted oak and malty notes with a good dollop of rye spice at the end. Bursting with flavour!

Templeton Rye Signature Reserve 6 Year Old

Glass - 35.5ml€7.25

An exceptional Straight Rye whiskey with hints of butterscotch, toasted oak and dark chocolate, followed by a long, lingering ginger spice on the finish.

That Boutique-y 24 Year Old Irish Single Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€35.00

A multi-award winning whiskey that unfortunately won't be winning the Eurovision Song Contest (ask to see the label for the Father Ted context). Superbly fruity and flavoursome- this whiskey is no joke.

That Boutique-y Irish Single Malt 14 Year Old

Glass - 35.5ml€16.50

A full flavoured and toffee-ish single malt from Master of Malt's own brand named 'Boutique-y'. Lots of coffee, chocolate, cookie and orange flavours plus apparently a hint of smoke.

The Antiquary Blend

Glass - 35.5ml€6.50

A very well balanced blend with notes of marmalade, custard creams, dried fruit and just the slightest hint of smoke.

The Chita Single Grain

Glass - 35.5ml€12.00

From Suntory's seldom seen Chita distillery. This is a smooth and gentle single grain which is usually used for blending the Hibiki line of whiskies.

The Dead Rabbit Whiskey

Glass - 35.5ml€6.95

Created by the famous New York bar of the same name. Dead Rabbit whiskey makes a great drink whether you drink it straight or in your favourite whiskey cocktail.

The Epicurean

Glass - 35.5ml€6.25

A lowland blended malt from Douglas Laing & Co. featuring the best of the East & West Scottish distilleries. Distinct notes of orchard and citrus fruits, followed by hints of freshly cut grass and cereals.

The Friend at Hand 13 Year Old Single Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€17.50

A single malt made for the Friend at Hand shop in Belfast. The label proudly states that this was distilled and bottled in Northern Ireland which is a strong hint at a distillery on the county Antrim coast.

The Friend at Hand 13 Year Old Single Malt Bruce's Share

Glass - 35.5ml€15.00

When whiskey is matured the angels take their share, this whiskey is in memory of a generous Belfast boy who gave back more than what the angels ever took. A limited release matured in bourbon casks.

The Friend at Hand 13 Year Old Single Malt Pride Not Prejudice

Glass - 35.5ml€15.00

A limited release from the Friend at Hand in Belfast that has been matured in ex-Bourbon casks.

The Friend at Hand 13 Year Old Single Malt Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus

Glass - 35.5ml€15.00

The Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus means what shall we give in return for so much. A limited release expression from the Friend at Hand matured in ex-bourbon barrels.

The Friend at Hand 13 Year Old Single Malt Reconciliation

Glass - 35.5ml€15.00

Matured in ex-bourbon casks, this limited release is named the Reconciliation. To reconcile is to put aside differences and extend the hand of friendship or to accept the Friend at Hand.

The Glenturret Triple Wood

Glass - 35.5ml€11.50

Aged in a combination of three casks; American oak sherry, European oak sherry and American oak bourbon. Very aromatic with notes of marzipan, orange peel, vanilla, pear drops and cedarwood.