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Mortlach 1981 G&M

Glass - 35.5ml€29.00

An incredible independent bottling of Mortlach - entirely matured in refill bourbon barrels. White pepper with grapefruit, gooseberry and ripe banana flavours making a delicious after dinner dram.

Mortlach 1984 G&M

Glass - 35.5ml€26.00

An elegant yet richly flavoured bottling of Mortlach. There is a lot to like about this dram; ripe fruity flavours, a hint of spice and rich chocolate characters.

Mortlach Spirit of Speyside 2013

Glass - 35.5ml€17.00

Released to celebrate the 2013 Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.

Natterjack Irish Whiskey

Glass - 35.5ml€7.75

Named after the only toad native to Ireland, Natterjack Irish Whiskey is the first release from Gortinore Distillers and Co. This whiskey is a blend of malt and corn whiskey - a unique fusion of the Irish and American whiskey traditions having been finished in a Virgin American Oak Cask.

Nectar of the Daily Drams 26 Year-Old Single Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€36.00

A superb single malt that originated from the Bushmills distillery and was bottled by Nectar of the Daily Dram for the European market.

Nikka 12 Year Old Blended Whisky

Glass - 35.5ml€19.00

A blend of different styles of whisky from Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. This is fresh and fruity tasting with some interesting spice flavours.

Nikka Days

Glass - 35.5ml€7.00

A blended whiskey that is light and delicate with zesty fruit and vanilla notes.

Nikka Gold and Gold

Glass - 35.5ml€20.00

A soft and delicate Japanese whisky which was originally made for the duty free market. The original design is from the 1970s and has not been changed since.

Nikka Super Old Rare

Glass - 35.5ml€9.95

An unusual whisky from Nikka that was initially conceived in 1962 by Masataka Taketsuru as a tribute to his Scottish wife. Peatier and spicier than many Japanese whiskies.

Octomore 7.3 Islay Barley

Glass - 35.5ml€17.00

A super-heavily peated single malt from Bruichladdich distillery. This was peated to a level of 169ppm and aged fro 5 years. Made exclusively from Islay barley.

Octomore 7.4 Virgin Oak

Glass - 35.5ml€18.00

A superb limited edition release of Octomore from Bruichladdich distillery. This is heavily peated to a phenol level of 167ppm. A complex maturation process involves two different periods in virgin oak casks. By all accounts this is more fruity and spicier than previous Octomore releases.

Octomore Futures 2002

Glass - 35.5ml€14.00

A superb single cask from Bruichladdich's Octomore - highly peated single malt, 80.5 PPM. This was filled into a single Bourbon barrel from the Buffalo Trace distillery and aged from October 2002 until April 2008.

Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old

Glass - 35.5ml€20.00

A bourbon with bold flavour - rich and spicy on the palate with notes of caramelised popcorn, fudge, dried fruits and toasted oak.

Pearse 5 Year Old

Glass - 35.5ml€10.00

The first Pearse whiskey to come from their own stills. The stills are currently in the Pearse Lyons Distillery, Co.Dublin but had a temporary home at the Carlow Brewery - home to O'Hara's Craft Beer. It was matured in refill bourbon casks and is limited to 4000 bottles.

Pearse Coopers Select

Glass - 35.5ml€9.95

A malt and grain blend that was aged in bourbon casks then vatted together and re-casked into first fill sherry barrels. This has a big wood and sherry influence.

Pearse Founders Choice 12 Year Old Single Malt

Glass - 35.5ml€9.50

This is a 12 year old Single Malt sourced personally by Dr Pearse Lyons. On the nose this Irish Whiskey ripens with orchard fruits of white peach, apple and a tingle of spiced pear that come together to produce herbal and pine notes. Hints of lemon, dried orange and a touch of honeysuckle can be experienced from this 12 year old single malt.

Pearse Lyons Distillers Choice

Glass - 35.5ml€7.50

A blend of Irish Grain & Malt Whiskeys hand selected by the head distiller. It is predominantly aged in Bourbon barrels with a small amount of Sherry barrel aged whiskey in the mix. A 4-9 year-old blend, this Whiskey has some single malt in it that has been produced on the stills that are located at the Pearse Lyons distillery in Dublin.

Pearse The Original Blend

Glass - 35.5ml€6.50

A blended Irish Whiskey aged in all Bourbon barrels averaging 3-5 years Grain & Malt blend. This Whiskey has single malt in it that has been produced on the stills in the church. On the nose this is a relaxing whiskey with a slightly citrus note. It has mellow malt tones and has an aroma of light honey fruits with floral notes.

Penderyn Peated

Glass - 35.5ml€8.95

Penderyn Peated has been matured in ex-bourbon and ex-peated Scotch barrels. Very aromatic on the nose with soft smoke and hints of heather appearing on the palate.

Powers 14 Year-Old Temple Bar Single Cask

Glass - 35.5ml€30.00

A Single Pot Still Powers bottled exclusively for The Temple Bar in Dublin.